Here at ASPone we are committed to providing financial institutions with innovative, efficient solutions to their real-time market data and transactional management requirements.


We provide a comprehensive range of solutions based on a flexible and powerful suite of software components that can be used individually and in conjunction with incumbent systems.

Our solutions cover the full trade lifecycle, supporting compliant and efficient activity from pre-trade price discovery and analytics, through order management, to back office STP confirmation and beyond. They can be used to build a layered solution or as stand alone products.


Sina Hakman, CTO
Pre – Trade

TRH-RT is our real time data integration and distribution platform that can be used as a complementary or standalone product.


Using TRH-RT we can offer you messaging infrastructure for financial applications, data sharing across multiple platforms and pre-trade credit checking infrastructure. Example adapters could include Thomson Reuters Data Feed, Bloomberg B-Pipe, IDC Plusfeed and Morningstar (Tenfore) as well as many others.


We believe TRH-RT can have real measurable benefits for your business. It could allow you to lower costs by identifying unnecessary data feeds as well as sourcing alternative lower cost vendors. TRH-RT can also be used to reduce your sever footprint and lower latency whilst also distributing internal data.

If you’d like to talk to someone about what TRH-RT could mean for you and your business please get in touch.

Trading Integration and Execution

ASPone’s Transaction Routing Hub serves as the core-messaging layer in our suite of products. As such TRH is the messaging backbone for aggregation, processing as well as distribution and contribution of all trade and transaction data. TRH supports pre trade, trade and post trade workflows, and is compatible with Linux as well as Windows.
TRH can offer you persistent and guaranteed message delivery with messages logged and archived for your convenience. It’s secure, resilient and scalable so it’s highly adaptable for your business needs.


Possible TRH endpoints could include:
  • FIX
  • HTTP
  • FTP
  • JDBC
FX Liquidity Providers
  • Barclays FX
  • Deutsche Autobahn
  • Currenex
  • FXCM
  • Micex
  • Java API
  • C++ API
  • Credit Suisse
  • Morgan Stanley
  • TRTN (formerly known as RTNS)
  • Markitwire
  • Bloomberg VCON
  • Bloomberg TOMS
  • Unavista (LSE)
  • ASPone Market Data Protocol
  • ASPone Excel plug-in
  • Realtime Systems Trading Suite
Post Trade

Thanks to our long-standing relationship with Thomson Reuters our Deal Entry System works perfectly with TRTN (also known as RTNS) to allow all parties to capture and affirm OTC trades and ensure accurate Straight Through Processing.


Deal Management integrates optionally with pricing tools such as Fenics and has multi-asset class trade capture and notifications. As part of a fully managed service we can further enhance the ASPone Deal Entry system to simplify and streamline your internal operations to help manage cost by providing invoicing, cash collection, brokerage, commission calculation, exception management and management reporting all whilst interfacing with your existing KYC/AML and accounting systems.

Currency Management & Cross-Border Payment SYSTEMS

ASPone has for some time provided software to enable Currency Management companies to provide FX services to their Corporate and Private clients. This area of our business has now extended to include experience of systems for cross-border transactions such as remittances, business payments and settlements.


Core functions include rates management, dealer screens, compliance reports, self-service functions for corporate treasury clients and on-line access for card transactions. This range can be extended to white-label client scenarios and channelled for use via mobile devices.

Development Resources


Since we began working in the Financial Services sector ASPone have been committed to technology development to support trading activities from initiation through to post-trade. As such we have worked with many different companies to produce quality products defined to specification for the corporate and wholesale financial markets.


We have IT consultancy and Audit experience as well as more than 16 team years of Java EE and browser based application development history, with experienced teams available across multiple locations. This in conjunction with our high level of understanding of the workflows of pre trade, execution, post trade, settlements and payments helps us to deliver great systems for you.

We value agility and adaptability so we can deliver on your requirements as and when they change. Our self-motivated, agile-managed teams create innovative solutions for your problems, whilst continually managing risks and integration challenges.


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