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ASPone and Earthport in technology alliance

July 20, 2016
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ASPone Ltd, provider of financial networks, trading applications and solutions for the financial markets are pleased to announce a partnership with Earthport plc. that will see us develop a range of transaction systems to support Earthport’s expanding portfolio of payments services.

This reinforcement of our customer-supplier relationship sees us entering into an agreement whereby Earthport will procure a 45% stake in ASPone in four years’ time. We see this as a strong vote of confidence in our long acknowledged technical capabilities which derive from our teams in Europe and Asia. This new stage in an established relationship will see us developing new strategic capabilities, building on the momentum that Earthport has created with several new blue-chip client signings in recent months. In tandem Earthport will be seeking to leverage our sophisticated and highly scalable development capabilities to better serve its existing and future clients, and continue to enhance the functionality of its leading payments platform.

The existing ASPone network and trading system business lines will continue to operate alongside the burgeoning payments systems business, providing a balanced portfolio of technology services for a range of financial markets.

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Integration Services

July 20, 2016
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Financial trading businesses need to demonstrate not only their agility in executing transactions in highly competitive markets but also that those transactions are done fairly, legally, compliantly and with integrity. In today’s high-speed, wide-ranging and constantly monitored markets each financial institution needs to be able to inter-link its own various internal systems with each other and with external services in as efficient, scalable and cost-effective a manner as possible.

ASPone can bring skilled resources and vital technologies to integration projects, addressing aspects that include:

  • Data integration,combining data from disparate sources, locations, formats, protocols into meaningful information that can be processed, analysed and forwarded to applications that implement business processes.
  • A data integration solution usually consists of the following:
    • Adapters for connecting to source or destination applications/services
    • Workflow/routing engine for the definition of how the data will flow
    • Processors that perform data manipulation, format conversion, analytics on the data
    • Infrastructure that facilitates the flow of data like messaging, web services
  • Financial integration projects often seek to achieve
  • Consistent and universal approach to integration of data and applications
  • Agile integration using pre-built adapters for fast, robust and secure implementations
  • Providing uniform APIs via service oriented architecture
  • Increased data quality with meta-data services, data processing and enrichment


Business examples may include:

  • Connecting bank or broker trading services to utility post-trade networks (e.g. TRTN) or clearing facilities
  • Payment processing and automated reconciliation (matching of transactions between multiple parties)
  • Acquisition of news and pricing data to be used in applications
  • Aggregation of trading services for rule based order routing
  • Integration of legacy systems with new technology applications for ease of migration
  • Capture and storage of business data for analysis and reporting

With more than 15 team years of financial data integration experience ASPone can help your organisation to implement data integration solutions using a services oriented approach (SOA).

  • ASPone has broad understanding of pre-trade, trade and post-trade workflows, data formats and technologies.
  • Agile approach: Flexible resource management, adaptability to changing requirements, quick iterations.
  • Agile teams: Small team of peers, self-motivated, self-managing teams
  • Agile project management: Implementation in sprints, delivery and quality oriented, risk driven.
  • Extensive experience with Servicemix / JBoss Fuse integration framework, packaged as Transaction Routing Hub (TRH) with financial data components.
  • ASPone is a Red Hat Middleware development partner.

TRH as a Framework

Transaction Routing Hub (TRH) is a data integration framework for pre-trade, trade and post-trade data offering guaranteed delivery. Consisting of a flexible routing backbone with a variety of adapters for industry standard interfaces and various 3rd party systems.

TRH can be used for aggregation, routing, caching, storage, processing, reporting and forwarding of financial data and metadata.

TRH utilises Apache Servicemix or Red Hat JBoss Fuse as the technology infrastructure.

Servicemix / JBoss Fuse Advantages

Proven integration environment without vendor lock-in

  • Most mature integration platform that is based on open source
  • Commercial support is available
  • Large community of developers are available

Cost effective

  • No cost for development
  • Subscription based pricing without a large one-off cost
  • Up to 10 times cost savings over two years

More than 200 adapters available

  • ASPone has built adapters for financial data providers/services (FIX, Thomson Reuters TRTN, TREP)
  • Generic adapters are available for messaging, e-mail, file transfer (AMQP, JMS, SMTP, POP3, SFTP)
  • Storage adapters for caching services, sql and no-sql databases (EHcache, Hazelcast, Redis, JDBC, JPA, Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB)
  • Adapters for off-the-shelf applications (Salesforce, SAP
  • Adapters for Internet services (Amazon AWS, Google Apps, Slack, Box, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • For the complete list, see:

Flexible workflow implementation

  • Based on industry standard application integration patterns
  • Uses XML or Java based domain specific language for versioned, quality assured implementation

Batch, near real-time, real-time data integration

  • Secure file transfer
  • Reliable asynchronous messaging layer
  • Queue based guaranteed messaging
  • Pub/sub reliable messaging

Cache, database and big data integration

  • In-memory cache for performance requirements
  • SQL storage for transactional storage requirements
  • Big data integration options for analytics and reporting

ASPone Components – here is a sub-set of the additional components that we have developed for our projects as part of our integration services work for our customers.

  • Post-trade
    • TRTN
    • Bloomberg VCON
  • Generic Services
    • FIX – Pre-trade, trade and post trade workflows
    • FTP/SFTP – Batch file transfer services
    • Web Services (SOAP, RESTful) – API provision
    • Excel integration – Retrieving or contributing real-time updating data via Excel for ad-hoc data analysis.
  • Credit Card Gateway
    • Barclaycard SmartPay – Credit card payments
  • E-mail Notification
    • Amazon SES – For template based e-mail notifications
  • Transaction Logger / Search
    • Elasticsearch – For searchable transaction logging



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Price Matching System

July 20, 2016
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A trading platform supporting trading of instruments in hybrid voice and digital workflows enabling broker firms to facilitate price discovery and trade execution. Designed to allow brokers to provide broker-managed electronic trading market for their clients. Orders can be entered by bank clients on their own screens or by brokers on behalf of phone clients.

  • Broker-managed electronic trading market for clients
  • Initially implemented for FX Options
  • 3 levels of price sharing:
    • hit / take market for FX ATM options and risk reversals
    • session trading (auctions) for FX option contracts – vanilla, ATM straddle, strangle, risk reversal, butterflies, delta spreads and calendar spreads
    • indicative pages for contracts that may be of interest
  • Post Trade STP integration, works with ASPone Deal Entry, feeds to Thomson Reuters TRTN
  • Can include affirmation of voice brokered trades ahead of delivery to risk or back office
  • Real-time spot price integration for trade reference values from Excel
  • Real-time price contribution to Excel
  • Browser-based front-end, hosted or deployed.
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Deal Entry

July 20, 2016
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ASPone Deal Entry enables the capture of over the counter (OTC) trades across a range of instruments with the ability to notify across 3rd party trade affirmation and confirmation networks such as Thomson Reuters TRTN.

Available as a managed service or a deployed implementation and interworks with institution’s own mid and backoffice systems.

  • A cloud based, unified deal capture interface that’s easy to access that can be implemented as a deployed or manage service
  • Supports OTC market instruments (FX and Money Markets)
  • Pluggable server side components to connect back-office systems / STP networks
  • Advanced deal routing for complex transaction workflow via TRH
  • Exporting deal data via API and SFTP


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Currency Management

July 20, 2016
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High-availability service for provision of currency management to corporate or private clients needing to effect payments or remittances internationally.

Can be provided as a white-label service to partner firms and integrates securely with online settlements.

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Trading Integration

July 20, 2016
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Extensive experience in integrating banking systems to ensure efficient and accurate workflows. Via our Red Hat J-Boss FUSE middleware capabilities these professional services can be extended to network connectivity, system hosting and professional project management.

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Trading Systems

July 16, 2016
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Platforms enabling trading of a range of instruments in hybrid voice / digital workflows. Also supports auction trading paradigm.

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ASPone Deal Entry – from Strength to Strength in STP

June 25, 2016
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2016 has been a very good year for ASPone Deal Entry, the benchmark application for capture of voice trades in FX and money markets for STP.
New orders in this specialist market have been strong and ASPone have recently implemented new Deal Entry instances for Inter Dealer Brokers in Dubai and London with two further systems due soon.
We have also been investing in the product technology and have recently completed a new release which introduced features to support Unique Trade Identifiers in compliance with various regulatory requirements globally, along with an upgrade of key components supporting security and resilience.
ASPone Deal Entry is an excellent mechanism for capturing details of financial transactions conducted over the counter – e.g. via phone, chat or other negotiation mechanism. We have a long and successful involvement with the Thomson Reuters TRTN network and Deal Entry is used by many key players to deliver value-added STP data to counterparties.

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ASPone adds Team Members

April 25, 2016
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Several new staff have joined ASPone this year as we adjust our expertise profile to support new projects.

In ASPone Istanbul office we welcomed two new colleagues:

Gokhan Ozman as Architect/Senior Developer on trading systems, integration projects and STP networks. Gokhan brings extensive experience from previous roles with Istanbul Stock Exchange and Vodaphone and has acted in consultancy and development roles on financial markets systems and network billing applications.

Omer Karatas joined ASPone from Cybersoft, bringing several years’ knowledge and experience in managing network architectures and cloud banking applications. He is now our Devops Engineer managing hosted environments for cash management and payments applications.

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