Price Matching System

A trading platform supporting trading of instruments in hybrid voice and digital workflows enabling broker firms to facilitate price discovery and trade execution. Designed to allow brokers to provide broker-managed electronic trading market for their clients. Orders can be entered by bank clients on their own screens or by brokers on behalf of phone clients.

  • Broker-managed electronic trading market for clients
  • Initially implemented for FX Options
  • 3 levels of price sharing:
    • hit / take market for FX ATM options and risk reversals
    • session trading (auctions) for FX option contracts – vanilla, ATM straddle, strangle, risk reversal, butterflies, delta spreads and calendar spreads
    • indicative pages for contracts that may be of interest
  • Post Trade STP integration, works with ASPone Deal Entry, feeds to Thomson Reuters TRTN
  • Can include affirmation of voice brokered trades ahead of delivery to risk or back office
  • Real-time spot price integration for trade reference values from Excel
  • Real-time price contribution to Excel
  • Browser-based front-end, hosted or deployed.

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