ASPone Deal Entry – from Strength to Strength in STP

2016 has been a very good year for ASPone Deal Entry, the benchmark application for capture of voice trades in FX and money markets for STP.
New orders in this specialist market have been strong and ASPone have recently implemented new Deal Entry instances for Inter Dealer Brokers in Dubai and London with two further systems due soon.
We have also been investing in the product technology and have recently completed a new release which introduced features to support Unique Trade Identifiers in compliance with various regulatory requirements globally, along with an upgrade of key components supporting security and resilience.
ASPone Deal Entry is an excellent mechanism for capturing details of financial transactions conducted over the counter – e.g. via phone, chat or other negotiation mechanism. We have a long and successful involvement with the Thomson Reuters TRTN network and Deal Entry is used by many key players to deliver value-added STP data to counterparties.

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